In conjunction with 25th IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference
Lisbon, Portugal
September 04, 2017
UsARE 2017 3rd International Workshop on Usability and Accessibility focused Requirements Engineering

Workshop Goals:

The workshop targets researchers and practitioners with background in requirements engineering, software engineering, human-computer interaction, user experience (UX), usability engineering, or domain analysis.

The workshop aims at achieving the following outcomes:

  • Consolidate research and practices related to the system usability and accessibility requirements in the overall requirements engineering (RE) process as a research topic within the greater fields of RE, software engineering (SE), and human-computer interaction (HCI).
  • Establish a platform that will bring people from RE, SE, HCI and other related fields closer together to discuss how to provide proper integrated approaches/methods to allow “usability and accessibility focused RE”.
  • Grow the body of knowledge related to this “usability and accessibility focused RE”, identifying challenges and future avenues for research relevant to both academia and industry.
  • Provide to requirements engineers, software engineers, HCI experts, and domain analysts a dedicated forum for exchanging ideas and best practices and thus foster industry-academia collaboration.

Workshop Topics:

The UsARE 2017 workshop is dedicated to observations, concepts, approaches, frameworks and practices that promote understanding, facilitating, and increasing the awareness of the role of system usability and accessibility requirements and their proper integration into requirement engineering.

The UsARE 2017 workshop strongly encourages submissions that focus on usability and accessibility requirements for IOT (Internet of Things) including mobile and wearable computing, but submissions on other relevant topics are also welcome.

Topics of interest for paper submissions include, but are not limited to methodologies, frameworks, concepts, and tool support for:

  • User-centered requirements engineering
    • Elicitation, representation, and negotiation of usability and accessibility requirements
    • Evaluation of usability and accessibility requirements
  • Impacts of RE and usability/accessibility considerations on software design and development processes and products
  • Usability and accessibility requirements management
  • RE at run-time for usable and accessible, adaptable and adaptive systems
  • Usability and accessibility requirements for mobile and distributed apps and services