WHAT!2021 — Wearables, Humans, and Things – Addressing Problems in Education.

At INTERACT 2017, the organizers of this workshop had organized a very successful workshop called “Beyond Computers: Wearables, Humans, And Things – WHAT! ” Following that-workshop, which focused on new and emerging WHAT technologies themselves, a 2nd WHAT workshop at INTERACT 2019 addressed networks of WHATs as well as visualization- and interaction-technologies to deal with data emerging from these networks.

In this third INTERACT workshop in a row dealing with “Wearables, Humans, and Things – WHAT”, the organizers address the application of WHATs in the domain of education. Triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, complete education systems from elementary school to university had to change in no time from face-to-face learning to distance learning. This sudden change of a whole system’s teaching and learning paradigm revealed existing drawbacks in digitally supported (distance) learning mechanisms. In this workshop, the organizers want to discuss with practitioners and other re-searchers, how the utilization of wearable devices as well as devices incorporated into the Internet of Things can foster advances in digitally supported teaching and learning mechanisms, which are vital in distance learning applications. It is a prominent aim of this workshop to identify and discuss al-ready existing example applications of WHATs that are successfully used in education scenarios, as well as to draft a roadmap towards increasing the efficiency of distance learning systems and scenarios utilizing WHATs.

Targeting this, WHAT!2021* aims at bringing together all researchers and practitioners who work or are interested in the related reseach and development areas.

* The terms WHAT or WHAT! (Wearables, Humans, And Things) were coined by Nahum Gershon and Steve Mann [e.g., see "Wearables, Humans, And Things: The Veillance Games People Play", IEEE-GEM 2015, or "Wearables, Humans, and Things as a Single Ecosystem!", IEEE Internet of Things 2015].


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*** Call for Papers and deadlines online
*** Workshop date: Monday, August 30, 2021
*** Workshop accepted at Interact 2021!


In case of any questions please contact us using the following email adress: what21<AT>hciv.de (please replace <AT> by @).


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