WHAT!2021 — Wearables, Humans, and Things – Addressing Problems in Education.


Our workshop will focus but is not limited to the following issues:

  • What kinds of WHATs in general are suitable in educational settings?
  • What kind of information should be presented to a student using WHATs?
  • Which mechanisms for representing information to students using WHATs are feasible and appropriate in educational settings?  
  • How can WHATs enhance collaboration among teachers and students as well as among students?  
  • How can WHATs support education-relevant experience to disabled students?  
  • Which already existing applications of WHATs can be transferred to an educa-tional context?  
  • How can sensors integrated in wearable devices be used to generate realistic examples that illustrate teaching material well?  
  • How can IoT devices be integrated into educational settings?  
  • Which kinds of sensor data should a student share with his fellow students?  
  • How can WHATs increase a student's situation awareness?  
  • Which new learning paradigms can be defined employing WHATs?  
  • How can WHATs foster collaborative learning among students both in a remote and in a classroom setting?  
  • How do interaction paradigms with WHATs differ in remote and classroom set-tings?  
  • Which different kinds of user groups should have access to and interact with data generated from WHATs in an educational setting?
  • How is the privacy of data ensured when a user takes part in an educational scenario employing WHATs?  
  • What new interaction mechanisms are necessary to use wearable and implanta-ble devices to interact among the participants in an educational setting?  
  • What is the role of system thinking and practice in dealing and managing WHATs in educational settings? 


Target Audience

The workshop aims at scholars and students from the domains of:

  • Interaction Design
  • Cognitive Science / Cognitive Psychology  
  • Visualization and Multimedia  
  • Education Science Artificial Intelligence and Robotics  
  • Developers and practitioners of wearables, implantables, skinnables and the In-ternet of Things  
  • Common sense practitioners