WHAT!2017 — Beyond Computers: Wearables, Humans, And Things *.

Considerable attention has been paid for years to the relationships between humans and computers. But, over the years, the computer chip migrated from the computer internal organs to many other devices - to things, wearables, and even onto the skin (skinnables) and into the human body (implantables). This workshop will focus on how this revolution may affect the way we look at the relationships between humans and among humans, human elements and computing devices and what should be done to improve these interactions and “entanglements” and to understand them better.

In our workshop, we provide a platform for discussions about the relationships among humans, technology embedded in the environment (networked or not), and humans whose physical, physiological or/and mental capabilities are extended and/or modified by technology. Given these extended realities, the interface as we have known it and even the practical meaning of the word “interaction” have changed. This workshop is intended to provide a platform for scholars, practitioners, and students to think together about how to frame the new interaction, engagement, and relationship between technology, humans, “modified” humans and the new reality.

We encourage researchers and practitioners to share their ideas and experience for these new realities of interaction, engagement, and interface mechanisms with the community. Researchers and practitioners from the areas of the Internet of things (IoT), wearables, implantables, skinnables, and embedded computing are in particular encouraged to participate.

Targeting this, WHAT!2017 * aims at bringing together all researchers and practitioners who work or are interested in the related reseach and development areas.

* The terms WHAT or WHAT! (Wearables, Humans, And Things) were coined by Nahum Gershon and Steve Mann [e.g., see "Wearables, Humans, And Things: The Veillance Games People Play", IEEE-GEM 2015, or "Wearables, Humans, and Things as a Single Ecosystem!", IEEE Internet of Things 2015].


Latest News

*** Workshop accepted at Interact 2017!
*** CfP and submission information updated! (see CfP)
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In case of any questions please contact us using the following email adress: what17<AT>hciv.de (please replace <AT> by @).


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