Building Bridges - HCI and Visualization



The fields, HCI and visualization, are usually practiced as two separate disciplines by researchers with different backgrounds and capabilities. However, these two disciplines, HCI and visualization, could complement each other and leveraging on the differences and complementary features of the two research fields could be beneficial for both. In this workshop, we are going to discuss the different approaches and capabilities of these two disciplines and layout a road map for a unified approach of research using both.


Whenever discussing the relation between HCI and visualization in general or when presenting research results in these areas, questions arise about the differences between these research fields. Aren’t both fields just the same? And if not, where is the common ground? Can we combine the separated viewpoints and paradigms in a unified and complementary approach, or are we forced to choose one or the other? How can we provide the general public (the developers and users of visualization and HCI and the engineers implementing our designs) a precise and practical enough idea about what’s happening in these fields and what’s not? What are the consequences of the answers on the previous: how and what should we teach? What will be the future? This dilemma is a topic of frequent discussion around the water cooler, lecture halls, as well as in the board room. One of the major issues is that it is not easy to precisely define the terms visualization and HCI and that there are many interpretations of these two fields that appear to be distinct.

Keynote talk by Mary Czerwinsky at the workshop !!!
Keynote talk by Bob Spence at the workshop !!!
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This workshop is organized by Achim Ebert (University of Kaiserslautern, Germany), Gitta Domik (University of Paderborn, Germany), Nahum Gershon (The MITRE Corp., USA), and Gerrit van der Veer (Open University, The Netherlands). The team is comprised of representatives of both university and industry, giving them a wide multi-disciplinary expertise. They all have significant experience in the main disciplines (HCI and visualization), as well as in related areas and application domains.

A full version of the workshop submission can be found here (PDF): workshop description.

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