WHAT!2017 — Beyond Computers: Wearables, Humans, And Things.


Our workshop will focus but is not limited to the following topics:

  • Commercial things, wearables, skinnables and implantables vs. medical grade devices. What is the value to non-medical grade devices?
  • Possibilities of relationships among WHATs - e.g., interaction and symbiosis. Could we define a scale from minimal interaction to full symbiosis?
  • Holistic views: When does a group of WHATs become a team, group of organisms, or agents?
  • What makes a device smart? Are all smarts the same or are there varying degrees of smartness (e.g., a scale)?
  • Could we develop a theory for SMART relationships?
  • When does a wearable, an implantable, or a thing become part of the human?
  • The interplay among various degrees of digital and analog.
  • What is the role of system thinking and practice in dealing and managing arrays of WHATs?
  • A broader view on experience: WHAT and the integration of senses (e.g., touch and smell).


Target Audience

The workshop aims at scholars and students from the domains of:

  • Interaction Design
  • Cognitive Science
  • Visualization and Multimedia
  • Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
  • Common sense practitioners