ARM4HanD2023 — Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality Applications for Handheld Devices.


The workshop will be dedicated to observations, concepts, approaches, techniques, development, and practice that allow understanding, facilitating, and increasing the advancements of AR/MR applications for handheld devices. Topics of interest for paper submission include, but are not limited to:

  • AR/MR applications for handheld devices 
  • User interfaces for AR/MR applications in handheld device
  • New interaction techniques and modalities for AR/M
  • 3D Visualization for AR/MR applications
  • User experience and gestures in AR/MR 
  • Navigation in MR 
  • Methodologies, frameworks, concepts, and tool support for AR/MR in handheld devices 
  • Evaluation and user studies 
  • Case studies and best practices 


Target Audience

The workshop aims at industrial and academic participants, e.g. from the domains of:

  • Interaction Design
  • Cognitive Science / Cognitive Psychology  
  • Visualization and Multimedia  
  • Education Science Artificial Intelligence and Robotics  
  • Developers and practitioners of AR/MR hardware, frameworks, and applications
  • Common sense practitioners